Lifetime Fitness Father-Daughter dance 2018

Are you wondering how we spent out memorial weekend? Well….

We were invited to the cutest father daughter dance EVER! Ariel, Eric, Moana and the frozen sisters made an appearance at the Boca Raton’s well known gymnasium. It was a blast for everyone- even the Dads! As you walked past the red carpet there was a photo op to your right with clear balloons that made it feel like you were under the sea! Ariel and Eric were both there to greet you with a big hug and a Shirley temple to begin the night. Ariel taught her new friends the “princess pose” as Eric told everyone to say bubbles on 3…2…1…. **Camera flash**

Once you entered the actual party ballroom it was pure magic! There was a mermaid photo booth with a sparkly backdrop and different props to wear. All the fathers were dressed up in a suit and tie and the girls wore their most glamorous dress. Moana, Elsa and Anna were all busy face painting away. Moana was drawing some blue swirls, Elsa was drawing a snowflake and Anna was drawing Olaf. Once the girls were all glammed up… Moana began to teach everyone the Hawaiian hoola dance from her movie. Elsa and Anna sang “let it go”. last but not least Ariel and Eric sang “under the sea“. All the girls were singing at the top of their lungs!!

Before the night ended the DJ put on a slow jam which brought all the partners together (even Ariel and Eric) for the final dance of the night. it was the perfect ending to an unforgettable night. There was a huge smile on everyone’s faces- it was a great success. Each person took home a printable photo taken at the photo op to remember this magical night.

Thank you lifetime fitness for having us at your annual Father daughter dance.

We can not wait for the Frozen Ball next year! (we hear Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff might make an appearance)