Galactic Heroes

Battle for the Galaxy

Party Inclusions

Loaded with fun and engaging activities for all of the children, we make every party unforgettable for your child!

*activities may vary with character

Grand Entrance

The hero of your choice will make a grand entrance to the party! Make sure to have your camera ready to capture your child’s reaction when they first see their hero!

Galactic Warrior Training

Your little hero will discover hands on what it take to save or conquer the galaxy with the best teacher around!


Age-appropriate games–choose from duck-duck goose, musical chairs, freeze dance and many others!

Face Painting

Our galactic hero will paint simple designs with a dash of glitter. No face shall be left behind!

Birthday Ceremony

We wrap up the party by having our hero lead the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting!

Photo Opportunities

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! Our characters will be available for any and all photos right after the cake cutting.


Our Rey parody party character is a survivor. She has struggled as a fugitive on a desert planet and learns her life is being shaped by mysterious powers. Dark forces fall upon her leaving her no choice, but to fight back.


Our Darth Vader Parody Party character has a temper and a talent for choking anyone who challenges him. His skill in combat makes him a difficult opponent, and his cruelty is well-known throughout the galaxy. But he’s not all evil; beneath the dark exterior is a complicated man with a heartbreaking history.

Star Wars Party Packages

Bronze Package

  • 2 Heroes of your choice
  • Grand Entrance
  • Lightsabers
  • Warrior robes ($40 for 12 children)
  • Galactic Warrior Training
  • Age-Appropriate Games
  • Face Painting
  • Birthday Ceremony
  • Photos

Party Add-Ons


Hair / Make-Up

Treasure Hunt

Boy's Dress Up

Girls Dress Up

Dress Up Combo